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Information & Inventory Updates


Add a minimum of $200 dollars in Tassel Dolls to your shopping cart, then apply coupon code TASSEL20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order.

Web orders ONLY. Order must be submitted at the website. Limited quantities.

20% off Code - TASSEL20

TASSEL DOLLS: Click Here to view our full selection of Tassel Dolls.

Midwest PHB SALE!

SAVE 50% ON YOUR Midwest Porcelain Hinged Box ORDER!
Add a minimum of $200 dollars in PHB's to your shopping cart, then apply coupon code PHB50 at checkout to receive 50% off your order.

Web orders ONLY. Order must be submitted at the website. Limited quantities.

MIDWEST PHB'S: Click Here to view our full selection of Midwest PHB's.

To request expedited shipping, use the Special Instructions field of the checkout form to specify the date you need your shipment to arrive. We will confirm the extra shipping fee with you. Shipments delivered within Texas will arrive to you within 1 day at no extra fee! Order now!!

rc=images/halcyon/007-10218.gif border=0>
2014 Mini Easter Egg

$ 210
Halcyon Days Box Selections: Click Here to view our full selection of Halcyon Days Boxes.

Free Shipping on any Halcyon Days order.

2014 Easter Egg

$ 300

2013 Christmas Box

$ 250

2014 Year Box

$ 250

2014 Mini Year Box

$ 135

2013 Year Box

$ 250

2013 Mini Year Box

$ 135
Choose your own 4 lines of text to display on the top of the box. Several border box styles to choose from and the pricing includes your custom text! Click Here Now.

Store Directory - Choose a Department to Shop!

[Katherine's Collection]
Katherine's Collection

Incredible whimsical gifty items - new items just listed! Kissing fish for every occasion, tassel dolls, cats, hinged boxes and lots more!! LOOK Now!!

[Joan Baker Collection]
Joan Baker Collection

Suncatchers and stained glass designs - NEW!

[Limoges Boxes]
Limoges Boxes

The perfect splendid gift and collectible! There is something here for everyone with a huge variety of styles and prices. Handpainted Limoges from France! Boxes available from all your favorite importers such as Rochard, Artoria, Chanille, Dubarry, and MANY others.

[Rucinni & Others]
Rucinni Boxes & Sparkly Jeweled Enamels!

A great variety of the fabulous boxes decorated in crystals & jewels. Pure Glamour!! Crystals & gold, a unique collection from several manufacturers and with many new styles on the way. Department 56 "Bejeweled Boxes" are here too!!

[Red and Purple]
Red & Purple

Cool stuff for the cool folks that enjoy living in Red & Purple! You go girls!!

[Misc. Hinged Boxes]
Misc. Porcelain Hinged Boxes

And now with the growing popularity of hinged box collecting, you are not limited to expensive Limoges Boxes! Check out our other lines: Character Boxes, Madame Alexander, Mary Engelbreit, Wizard of OZ, Monopoly, and others - the gift industry is coming out with an amazing assortment of these treasures, visit often as I discover and list MANY new styles! Some of these categories are now retired and out of production.

[More Hinged Boxes]
More Porcelain Hinged Boxes

And even MORE porcelain boxes are in this category. Betty Boop, Lenox, Katherine's Collection, Boyd's Bears, Special Occasion, and many many others!

[Custo Barcelona]
Custo Barcelona Collection

Dress like a star! You simply must have at least one Custo shirt in your wardrobe.

[Rochard Glass Ornaments]
Rochard Glass Holiday Ornament Collection

Rochard has introduced its first collection of mouth-blown, hand-painted glass ornaments from Europe! Each ornament replicates a famed Limoges porcelain box to the tiniest detail. Limited in production to 5000 pieces per style.


Everything from Patriotic Jewelry to Animal Jewelry. We've fallen in love with the rhinestone and crystal jewelry pieces!

[Mud Pie Collection] Mud Pie!

The Mud Pie collection is filled with wonderful gift solutions in the most adorable packaging.

[Harmony Kingdom Collection]
Harmony Kingdom Treasure Boxes!

Gigglees boxes, Pot Bellys boxes, and more, created by a consortium of talented British sculptors such as Master Carver Peter Calvesbert. A collectible line of truly functional keepsakes with a worldview unlike anything you've experienced.

[Lets Face It Girls! Collection]
Lets Face It Girls!(tm)
Lady Head Vases

Carol Eldridge has designed a collection of six colorful, fun lovin gals! Gift Idea: Fill one up with chocolates and you're set for any occasion!!

[Halcyon Days Enamels]
Halcyon Days Enamels!

Given and received by royalty, prominent public figures and international collectors, these objects d'art are simply beautiful!

[Staffordshire Enamels]
Staffordshire Enamels!

Give a gift that will last a life-time. The Finest English Enamels! Individually hand painted in the traditional 18th century manner.

[Midwest of Cannon Falls PHBs]
Midwest of Cannon Falls PHBs!

This collection is now completely retired! Inventory is going fast, now is the time to complete your collections.

[Crummles Enamels]

Beautiful Enamel Boxes 100% hand crafted in England. Just in time for your holiday shopping!!

[Hidden Treasures]
Hidden Treasures Enameled Hinged Boxes

Perfect little treasure boxes with enclosed necklaces. Includes adorable teddy bears and the Alice and Wonderland Theme Character boxes.

[Crystal World]
Crystal World!

The World's Finest Crystal - featuring the finest faceted crystal collectibles and gifts. Crystal World celebrates over fifteen years of providing high quality, uniquely designed crystal figurines at reasonable prices.

[Kelvin Chen]
Kelvin Chen Collectibles!

Beautiful enamel birdhouses, teapots, mailboxes and more!

[Button Babies]
Button Babies!

Charming little dolls made of thread spools and buttons! These are really cute for gift-giving!


Glamorous & whimsical lady faces on hairbrushes and mirrors. Fashionable and Fun!!

[Purses & Handbags
Purses, Handbags, & Shirts

Fun purses! These purses are incredible and everywhere you go you will be asked .... "Where did you get your purse?!"

[Ellen Williams Ceramics

Ellen Williams Ceramics Collection

A very unusual collection of decorative ladies in vases, plates, tea accessories, magnets, wall hooks & pockets. New for 2004!

[Bilston & Battersea Enamels]
Bilston & Battersea Enamels!

Halcyon Days Enamels and Bilston & Battersea are now 2 separate companies. Enjoy this complete new collection, just released Spring 2008!

[Boyd's Bears Collection]
Boyd's Bears M&M Boxes

We have the retired Boyds Bears porcelain hinged boxes and many new hinged boxes, including the M&M's, Coca-cola, Uncle Bean's Treasure Boxes and many more.

[Towel Cakes]
Towel Cakes

The perfect little all occasion gift item.

[Susan Paley Vases]
Susan Paley Lady Vases & Cat Vases

January 2006 - Brand new designs - Cat Vases!!! In Stock now! These fun vases are each named to match their colorful personalities! This collectible category now includes Cats Vases, Cookie Jars, Lotion Dispensers, Banks, Birthstone girls, and lots more. Many of the Ladies have been retired - but Susan Paley continues to design great stuff as shown with her new 2006 Cat Vase collection. I vote for Dog Vases to be added to this collection!! Meet the girls...... and the CATS, maybe one of them even has your name!

[Lady Head Vases]
Lady Head Vases

Elegant ladies from the 50's and 60's - highly collectible, and now being reproduced as Limoges Boxes!

[Cameo Girls]
Cameo Girls
Lady Head Vases

Inspired by the legacy of the originals, United Design brings back the lady head vase with a new twist. Beautiful women, timeless treasures!!

[Tassel Dolls] Tassel Dolls & Half Dolls!

Introducing elegant ladies on tassels, table-top standing or use as ornaments.

[Lady Jayne] Lady Jayne Glamour Girls & Accessories!

Unique gifty items, more beautiful ladies!! Notepads & notecards in fabulous shoe and glamour girl designs. Shoe playing cards!!

[Glamour Girls]
Glamour Girl Expressions

Interchangeable glamour girl faces, hand decorated and personalized on makeup and desk accessories!

[Banks & Jars]

Banks & Jars

Whimsical porcelain banks & jars for all occasion gift giving. These make for great inexpensive gifts!!

[America The Beautiful]
America The Beautiful!

Stars & Stripes forever! Keepsakes and home decor from the land that we love - America!

Zoppini Italian Charms!

[Lavello Links]
Lavello Links Italian Charms Copy-Cats!

[Add-a-Link Watches]
Add-A-Link Watches!

[John Sumner Cat Vases
John Sumner Cat Vase Collection

A whimsical collection of brightly painted porcelain cat vases and accessories.

[Brandywine Woodcrafts & Collectibles]
Brandywine Woodcrafts & Collectibles

Miniature buildings - capturing the Heart of America! Woodcrafted and cast resin handpainted buildings and accessories with a variety of price points to satisfy every collector! Choose from 3 different lines and a HUGE assortment of personalized or standard designs.

[Brian Baker Collection]
Brian Baker Neighborhood Houses

OHHHWEEEEEEE - this collection is incredible!!


Many collectibles books listed here, if you don't find the book on the subject you are interested in, please ask and we can surely find it for you.
View the book covers of each selection.

[For Chrissys]
For Chrissy's Only!

This department is for all my special visitors named "Chrissy", or Christine, or Christina, or........ take a peek at our Chrissy's Only Guestbook!

[Best Friends]
Tea and Coffee Friends

Over a cup of tea or coffee anything is possible! The perfect collectible or gift!!

[Willow Hall Collection]
Willow Hall Collection

[Sudio Dog Boxes] Dog Breeds!

Porcelain hinged hinged boxes, but made in the U.S.A! Hurry, last chance for these, we are almost sold out and the original maker is history.

[TY Beanies & Bean Bag Plush]
Ty Beanies & Bean Bag Plush

Grateful Dead Bean Bears!
KISS Bean Bag Plush
Save the Children Collection

Animal Jewelry
Doll Furniture

[Plush, Collectibles & Pillow Pals]
Plush Animals

TY Attic & Plush, TY pillow pals, and Harley-Davidson Plush Bear Collection. Meet the Road-Smart gang!

Harley-Davidson Plush
AA Plush Large Animals
TY Plush & Attic
TY Pillow Pals

[Bears & Beds]
Bears & Beds!

Resin Bears and Antique Look Resin Furniture that is so realistic looking you will want to have ALL pieces!


Barbies, Gene, Marilyn, Cabbage Patch, Rosie, Spice Girls - more on the way!!

[Bobble Heads]
Boble Heads

Silly gift ideas. Trendy & just plain silly!

[Other Goodies Department]
More Goodies!

More interesting gifts and collectibles including:

  • Picture Frames
  • Doll Furniture
  • Music Boxes
  • Marychains Charms & Necklaces
  • Disney Suncatchers
  • Sue Wall's Cats
  • Button Babies!!
  • [Collectible Shoes Department]
    Collectible Shoes!

    [A&A Plush]
    A&A LARGE Plush Animals!

    All super soft luxurious plush! Super Large and LOVEABLE!

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