Katherine's Collection

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A unique and amazing assortment of holiday and home decorations.  Dolls, fairies, kissing fish ornaments, and a huge display of other home decor - no expense is spared in the design and creativity of each piece.  The collections retire each year and new collections are created so you will never get bored with this company.  Their showroom at the trademart is just out of this world and it is our favorite gift company to visit.  One can browse through their showroom 10 times and each time discover something missed in the previous visit.  So much to see and so beautifully displayed.  Limited numbers of these collectible items are made and each is unique and amazing.  The dolls range from small ornament sized to lifesized.  Eula & Mae are their classic characters and have been dressed from gardening,  to shopping, to holiday decor, and more - all with incredible personality!  The Kissing Fish collection includes styles from any hobby or interest you can imagine so they make perfect, unique gifts for all occasions.