Staffordshire Enamels

Originating in Bilston, England in 1741, enamel boxes were made to carry snuff, sweets, and beauty spots. Eighteenth century courting couples made them popular as gifts promising lasting affection. 

Staffordshire boxes are 100% hand painted. Each box is a signed work of art. Production methods have changed little from those used by our Georgian forefathers.

  • Staffordshire Wedding Box (21-192) Staffordshire Wedding Box (21-192)

    Staffordshire Wedding Box

     Staffordshire Enamel Box - Happiness On Your Wedding Day This item is brand new store merchandise and is MINT condition.  Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.  Any white spots in the pictures are from the glare of the lighting...

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  • Staffordshire Grandmother (04-190) Staffordshire Grandmother (04-190)

    Staffordshire Grandmother

    In Stock With age cometh wisdom. Show your appreciation for both your Grandmothers. The inside lid is inscribed ‘You’re wonderful’ with a tiny hibiscus. The decorated base is 100% hand painted. 1.125in Diameter .75in Tall

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  • Staffordshire Graduation

    Staffordshire Graduation

    In Stock Mark the fruits of all their labour with this memento specially inscribed on the inside of the lid to mark the event. The bulged base is Traditional Red. 1.125 in. Diameter .75 in. Tall