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Christine's Closet is a family owned business in Austin, Texas. In the Spring of 1982, I started working for IBM in Boca Raton, Florida as a Software Programmer. That early part of my 17 year career with IBM was spent working with the Engineers that designed and brought to market the very first Personal Computer. My days were filled with soaking up new technology and keeping up with the ever-changing world of computers. My off-work hours were spent shopping and antiquing. In 1984, I fell in love with this handsome blonde Engineer named Kevin the first day he walked into my IBM Lab. We married 4 years later and in 1993 transferred with IBM to Austin, Texas. Just about then, the internet was taking off...

When we transferred to Austin, Texas with IBM, I took on a new position in the company that required me to be the expert of an Internet based customer support system. I had to learn QUICK! I "practiced" my HTML at home by creating "Chrissy's World" with my newly acquired domain. I started building pages to show off my collectibles and quickly connected with new friends that shared the same passions and interests as me. I was also raising 2 girls that hated day-care! Long story short - I resigned from my 17 year career at IBM, turned my hobby into a business, and had more time for my family. Fast forward 20 years - my 2 girls that helped me shop, pack up orders, and stand in long lines at the post office day after day, now have their own lives and their own careers. Kevin remains to be my right-hand man!