Face Mask - Honey Bees

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3-Layer Face Mask in Honey Bees Print Reversible

 This mask features little honey bees on a pretty yellow background on the right side of the fabric.  The reverse is has inspirational messages, all with "Bee"  (bee positive, just bee, etc).  There is an inner layer  - so three layers, all 100% cotton and all seams are concealed.    For the mask fastener, choose the 100% cotton strap at an additional $5.00 (that strap is removable), or choose the elastic ear loops which are no additional charge.   

  • Completely machine washable and machine dry  (no metal)
  • 3 Layers - all 100% cotton (pre-washed)
  • Choice of Elastic Ear Loops or a Cloth Strap 

Elastic Ear Loops are 9" each - installed into each side casing, they are adjustable and removable.  Elastic does wear out over time but easy to replace since we do not sew it into the fabric. 

The Cloth Strap is 100% Cotton fabric.  It is adjustable - goes completely around the head and ties at back of neck.  The cloth strap can be washed and dried right along with the mask.  It is also removable if you ever want to switch out to ear loops.  

  • Reversible
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

ABOUT SIZING:  Medium fits most adult women and Large fits most adult males.  If you are unsure if this will fit you, please email or call with your face measurements, because our masks are non-returnable for health reasons.  If you think you might need a Cloth Strap that is longer than 46" or ear loops that are longer than 9" each, just send me a message with your order.   I

ABOUT FASTENERS:  There are pros and cons of both ear loops and cloth straps.  Everybody is different so I am now offering you a choice.   The cloth straps are known to be less stress on the ears and they provide a much more secure fit than elastic ear loops.  They take a LOT of time to make, thus the cost.  The elastic ear loops are so easy for putting your mask on/off.  Some folks can't or don't want to be bothered with tying.  Elastic DOES wear out, at some point you will have to change out the elastic so we made it easy to remove the elastic if you choose that option.  The cloth strap will last as long as your mask, it is the same 100% cotton and washes and dries well.  Elastic ear loops will leave some gaping at the side of your face, and if you try to make them too tight they will pull your ears forward.  If you purchase your mask with the these standard elastic loops as fasteners, I loop each 9" piece through the casing and lightly tie it.  You can then adjust each side and slide the knot into the casing and it will never be seen. My elastic is very light weight and round shaped, and is about 1/8" thick.  Anything over 1/4" in elastic is too stiff on my ear. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review